Executive Committee (Established January 2022 Meeting)

The Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Commission between Commission meetings, except for rulemaking or amendment of the Compact.

NamePositionTerm Expiration
Larry Molt (AL)Chair2024 Annual Meeting
Claire Covert-ByBee (NE)Vice-Chair2024 Annual Meeting
Brenda Fairfax (NC)Treasurer2024 Annual Meeting
Nicole Jeffcoate (NC)Secretary2024 Annual Meeting
Tammy Brown (OH)Member-at-Large2024 Annual Meeting
Vickie Pullins (WV)Member-at-Large2024 Annual Meeting
Sherri Smith (NC)Member-at-Large2024 Annual Meeting
 Tim Boyd (ASHA)Audiology Ex-Officio MemberN/A
 Susan Adams (ASHA)SLP Ex-Officio MemberN/A
 Kerri Phillips (NCSB)Board Ex-Officio MemberN/A

Meeting information here.

Rules Committee (Established January 2022 Meeting)

The Rules Committee develops compact rules, bylaw amendments, and policies for consideration by the Commission and for implementation by the states. It also reviews existing rules and recommends changes to the Commission.

Chair: Gregg Thornton (OH)

Nate Brown (CO)

Claire Covert-ByBee (NE)

Sherri Smith (NC)

Alicia Barker (TN)

Michael Zagarella (WV)

Meeting information here.

Finance Committee (Established January 2022 Meeting)

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight and ensures the Commission is operating within its budget and is developing financial resources to achieve its purposes.

Chair: Brenda Fairfax (NC)

Larry Molt (AL), ex-officio

Jolie Jones (LA)

Denise Brown (NC)

Carrie Mills (TN)

Leticia White-Minnis (MO)

Meeting information here.

Compliance Committee (Established January 2022 Meeting)

The Compliance Committee monitors member states’ compliance with the compact and its rules.

Karen Thatcher (AL)

Alice Cellino (GA)

Jeanne Copeland (KS)

Nicole Jeffcoate (NC)

Committee will begin meeting later in the compact activation process.